Medicine Hat Debt Consolidation Expert – Darell Pauls

How Can You Get Through The Holidays When You Already Need Debt Help?

With Christmas right around the corner, many people who are in need of debt help are beginning to think about how they are going to make it through the holiday season and stay afloat with their finances. How can a person get through the Christmas season without going under?

Don’t spend more than you have

This Christmas, instead of buying a gift for every person in your family, try drawing names out of a hat and then set a reasonable budget of what you can afford, even if it is only $10 or $15. Gifts are fun, but they are not the most important thing. If getting out of debt is really important to you and you are intent on not going further into debt, then explain to your friends and loved ones that this year you are going to cut back on gifts and that you hope they will not feel obligated to buy expensive gifts for you either.

Plan out A Christmas/Holiday Budget

When making your budget don’t forget to include gifts for family and friends, gifts for school teachers or your boss and include items you may need for Christmas parties or hostess gifts. These gifts do not need to be expensive to be nice and they do not need to be extravagant to be appreciated. If you are crafty there are many ideas for homemade Christmas crafts on Pinterest. If you want to host a Christmas party, make it a potluck style party where everyone brings a dish or drink with them to help cut your costs. The point is, still do the gifts and parties that you want to do, just find creative ways to bring the costs down and stay within your budget.

If you have more debt than you can handle and cutting back your costs and creating a budget isn’t enough, then you may need a different approach to help with your debt. We at 4 Pillars Medicine Hat, have a holistic approach for people who are struggling with money problems where we can deal with the debt, rebuild credit and teach key financial literacy concepts that ensure we maintain a 97% success rate for anyone going through our programs. If you think you may need more help with your debt, give us a call to set up a free consultation where we go over your situation and present you with your options.