Medicine Hat Scrap Metal Expert – “Scrapper” Sandy Traichel

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the hold

There’s scrap metal lurking, just waiting to be sold

Your shop’s full of steel and you’ve a pail full of brass

Oh wait, that’s not brass, it’s actually die-cast!

Be sure to check it before you get excited.

It might have the hue, but you’ll see when you grind it.

Well that’s disappointing it’s worth a buck less!

But at least you’re still clearing out this mess!

When low and behold you happen to find

A bright shiny item hidden from behind

That cabinet there! Oh what could this be?

A bucket full of wire with very thin sheath!

Well that’s just grand! It peels right off!

And the metal beneath is really quite soft!

It’s shiny and bright and fills my heart with happiness.

And it more than makes up for what I lost on the Faux Brass!

So bring in your metals and see what they’re worth!

They may cover the cost of running your hearth!

For it’s cold this winter and you must stay warm!

Especially when we get these flash snowstorms!

You’ll want to bunker down until that all settles.

So bring your scrap to Gas City Metals!