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Memorable Marketing

Want to know a marketing secret? Put your photo on a business card and people will keep it longer, because humans have trouble throwing pictures away. Realtors have known this for years and you will notice most of their cards have their picture prominently displayed.

Another little tid-bit, is the effective use of white space. White space is like a breath.  If this page was just full of words, you might see it as overwhelming and not be interested in reading it. But, break the text up with white spaces and it becomes more inviting.  Now add that picture or graphic that accents the text and you have an attractive, informative page that people are drawn to.  It works on everything from business cards to brochures.

Too many different fonts and color schemes also detract from the printed project.  Yes, you want to accentuate some key words, but don’t overdo it.  You should also consider where your project is going to be distributed. How easy is it to carry, can it be folded and stuffed in a pocket or should it come in a Presentation Folder.  You want people to feel comfortable with your material, as they are likely to keep it longer and refer to it more.

CopiesNow is here to help you get that print project composed and onto the appropriate paper where it belongs.