Red Deer Copy and Print Expert – Doug Free


Your Logo, is more than some lines on a page or the side of your truck. Your logo is your brand, so to speak. It should instantly identify your business to people. What does your logo say about your business ? Is it clear or does it leave people wondering what it represents.

We have seen some wonderfully designed logos come thru our doors. Catchy, classy, flowing, colorful, fun, a name, whatever you choose, remember it should be producible in a variety of formats. What I mean is, can you print it in B/W as well as color, without losing its impact. Can you down size it to fit on a rubber stamp and then enlarge it to fit on a banner. Creating your logo should be part you and part what you do. Would a tag line or motto accentuate your branding. A logo can also include subtle meaning, simply in the colors you choose. Sometimes a child’s perspective can give you a clear picture, while other times it takes a team to pull together your image. But remember it has to feel right to you.

Years ago CopiesNow rebranded, partly because we had moved but partly because our logo was old and didn’t convey all that we do. When you look at our logo today, does it tell you anything about us ? Now look at your logo and ask yourself the same question.