Red Deer Specialty Pharmacy Expert – Melanie Warren


Chemicals are everywhere – air, food, water, soil, dust, and everyday products.  Every day, you’re exposed to numerous chemicals that can affect the way you feel.  Over time, a buildup of toxins in your body can make you feel unhealthy.  Symptoms can include: feeling tired, achy, irritable/moody, sleep disturbances, bloated, indigestion, and poor circulation to name a few.

While you may have limited control over your environment, you have a great deal of control over your own body. A 10-day Metabolic Detoxification Program can help remove toxins from your body.  By taking action now, you can start to feel re-energized soon!

Here at Millerdale Pharmacy, we are offering a simple 10-day program.  This scientifically designed program includes:  targeted nutrition, a helpful elimination diet, simple exercises, and basic recommendations for stress management.  It’s as simple as it sounds!

Targeted Nutrition

The program includes a powdered beverage mix to support metabolic detoxification, and it includes a “clean” protein, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

Eating Plan

An elimination diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients reduces the allergen and toxin load in your body, which helps your body to detoxify efficiently.  Our program helps you identify and avoid potentially allergenic foods that may interfere with your body’s ability to cleanse and detoxify.  This is very important for the success of your program.

Simple Exercise

Strenuous or prolonged exercise should be reduced during the program to allow your body to cleanse and rejuvenate more effectively.  You can gain benefit from an exercise program as simple as 30 minutes of walking 3 times a week.

Stress Management

Adequate stress reduction and sleep are important to the success of your program.  We include quick and simple tips make it easy to change your response to stress:  breathe from your belly, take a short walk, burst into exercise, listen to music, dance or sing, take a mental break, laugh, journal, or take a power nap.  In addition, your body is recharging and regenerating – help it by getting adequate rest!

Professional Supervision

Millerdale Pharmacy has a certified Metagenics Healthcare Provider.  Metagenics is a pharmaceutical grade supplement company that is the favorite of most Naturopaths and health clinics.  They have extensive studies and research backing each and every one of their products.   Program adjustments can be made to better suit your individual health needs.

If feeling great and achieving optimal health is one of your goals, pick up your 10-Day Metabolic Detoxification today!  We are here to help you every step of the way!  Millerdale Pharmacy – your healthcare destination!!!