Red Deer Paint Beautification Expert – Mark Dolynchuk

Why Arctic Coating?

We’ve been applying Arctic Coating to Red Deer vehicles for 2 years now, with rave reviews. The #1 reason is drivers want to ‘Protect Their Investment’ – be it a show car, work car, or daily driver. It’s been great in the muck, and equally great in the hot summer sun. If your drive is ‘new’ it is a natural choice. If it is ‘new to you’ let us take a look and determine how appropriate it may be for your vehicle.

A Protective Solution

  • Extremely durable ceramic barrier that protects automotive paint work from the daily exposure of our harsh environment.
  • Chemical resistant: bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, road salt, road paint.
  • UV rays, oxidation, temperature, and corrosion resistant – prevents paint fading.
  • Enhances gloss and depth, while leaving clear coated surfaces slick to the touch.
  • Offers light scratch resistance as the glass barrier more than doubles the hardness of the clear coat on your vehicle.
  • Substantially reduces time and effort required to perform car wash and drying.
  • Repels water by causing water to bead up and roll of the surface similar to a lotus leaf.
  • Arctic Coating will last up to 48 months with correct maintenance.

Colortech is proud to be the Central Alberta exclusive distributor for this exciting new product. When you consider the significant cost of a new paint job for a show car, or your daily driver – this ceramic treatment makes perfect sense.  Drop in or call us to get more details on exactly what we can do to protect your vehicle from literally everything that is out there!