Grande Prairie Carpet Cleaning Expert – Alex Baquiran

Christmas day, Boxing day, New Year’s day – these holidays have dates too close to each other that sometimes, you don’t really have the time to thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs in between these occasions. What’s more, everybody knows that for most people, family gatherings and parties normally happen during the holidays; it could be inevitable for your home to get a bit disorganized and messy.

While you exert a bit more effort by vacuuming your carpet more often than before, stains can be a lot harder to remove than regular dust. You can resort to some homemade, emergency stain removal techniques, but there are some types of stains that really call for professional help.

But in-depth cleaning of your carpets and rugs could be out of the question during this time of year, so the best thing you can do is take some extra measures to keep your carpet clean and prevent it from getting stained.

Place area rugs over your carpet. – Even when you belong to the group of people who don’t agree on putting area rugs on your carpet, holidays may just be the perfect time to be a little open-minded about area rugs. When you invite people over for the holidays, chances are, your carpet would experience a whole lot of foot traffic. Putting area rugs on the busiest carpeted areas of your home can just protect your carpet from the dirt and impact.

Vacuum more frequently than ever. – When you have a Christmas tree, you are not a stranger to pine needles falling off of it. Keep your carpet and entire household neat by vacuuming these pine needles regularly.

No food near the carpet. – There are times when spills may seem unavoidable, but you can do your best in steering clear of spills and food stains as much as you can if you avoid eating near carpeted floors altogether.