Medicine Hat Low Level Laser Therapy Expert – Pamela Jans

Last month I talked about reducing plastic in your life. It can be done and even small changes can make an impact. Here are some more small things you can do. Pick one or two easy ones to start with, and congratulate yourself for every change you make. This is not a contest, do what you can.

  1. Don’t throw out all your plastic containers! Re use them for something else besides food. Old Tupperware, ziplock bags and plastic bins call all be re-purposed around the house.
  2. Start saving glass containers. Pickles, jams, nut butters and many other foods come in glass. Use these instead of plastic to hold leftovers, cereal, rice, ect. I like the look of food in my fridge in glass containers. Of course, you can buy glass sealers and containers too.
  3. The local Bulk Barn allows you to bring your own containers to package food. Have the person at the till weigh them, then fill them up with your purchase. I buy my bread at a bakery, and bring cloth bags that I have made for this purpose, they are always willing to oblige.
  4. You don’t have to use plastic to cover food. You can just up-end a plate over top of your dish, or buy silicone covers. As I already said, glass containers such as pickle jars are wonderful since they already have a lid. Anchor Hocking and Pyrex have glass dishes with covers that are pretty and smart.
  5. Having mentioned our local Bulk Barn, buy in bulk if you can. All our Medicine Hat grocery stores have a bulk section, as well as Nutters.
  6. Use your own shopping bags for all shopping, not just groceries. All stores in Medicine Hat are open to this.
  7. You can purchase glass or stainless steel straws from Amazon, they come with a brush to clean them, Wrap a spoon, knife and fork (you can buy from the second hand store if you don’t want to use your good kitchen ones) and a stainless steel straw into a cloth napkin and keep in your purse. When at the fast food place, you can use your own instead of plastic. (We actually use glass straws, which my husband very carefully carries, restaurant servers exclaim over them!)
  8. If you are really committed, bring your own containers to the restaurant for leftovers. You can bring the aforementioned glass, or if you want to be really snazzy, bring stainless steel. Check Amazon for a tiffen, or other stainless steel lunch containers. Expensive, yes, but they would last forever.

There are many more ideas on Pinterest or Google. Look up zero waste or plastic free.

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