Medicine Hat New Home Expert – Angela Cook


“Still Setting the Standard”

The biggest challenge we builders have is to remember that for you, your new home is not just another house.  This is your pride and joy, your dream, and everything needs to be “perfect”.

So what is perfect?  Perfect is a level that no one can fully achieve.  Life eventually teaches us that.  42 years of building new homes, working with one to seventy staff members, hundreds of trades people, suppliers who employ thousands of people and who carry millions of different products which, in turn, are manufactured by millions of different people can leave a little room for error, don’t you think?

Back when Amron Homes was just a young company, the  founder chose a slogan that had great meaning to him.  “We Set the Standard”.  That slogan didn’t require a lot of thought as it was a term he was already using quite often in conversation.  It meant a number of different things.  Firstly, it meant that we were the company that was breaking trail in the industry.  We were certified R2000 Energy Efficient home builders; building air tight, air sealed homes to a standard never before seen.  First on the block, so to speak.  The leader, the innovator, the future builder – today.

But it also meant something else.  It meant that if we did not set a high standard of acceptance, then we were in danger of getting inferior work from our trades people and even our own staff.  At our pre-construction meetings we stressed that we were expecting a perfect job.  We let all parties know that we were fussy and wouldn’t accept any level of work which did not meet our standard.  So in doing that, we…”Set the Standard”.

Today, many years later, that slogan means as much now as it did then.  If you think about it, you too set the standard in everything you do and in everything you allow people to do for you.

The reward for all this?  Pride – what a feeling!  And today, we are “Still Setting the Standard”.