Medicine Hat Office Design and Solutions Expert – Jason Unwin

Nowadays it’s more and more common to work from home or alternative places. This allows us to use different tools that make getting work done easy. The most useful device a lot of us rely on is a laptop; and from our observations, there is room for improvement in how we take care of our bodies while making use of this wonderful device.

Let’s improve our laptop ergonomics!

Remember that posture is key. Think about 90 degrees all around. While sitting, make sure your back is straight, your legs are comfortably flexed at 90 degrees as well as your elbows.

Reduce neck strain. With laptops, it is easy to forget about this one. To reduce strain, raise your laptop screen so it’s at eye level.

Adding extra gadgets might just be what you need. When raising your laptop you raise the keyboard with it. To solve this issue, it’s recommended to get a keyboard and a mouse to make sure all your body parts are comfortable.

One final tip is not to work with your laptop on your lap. Although it might seem comfortable and easy, it’s bad for your posture and your computer might overheat.

If you love your laptop and want to continue using it as your main work computer, that’s great, just make sure you’re taking care of yourself first. Check out the multiple laptop accessories that are available and ask your ergonomic specialists what’s best for you.

Having in mind these simple tips will help you make good posture a habit. If you have any questions about how to set your workstation to protect your posture and to make work efficient, let us know! At Desk’n File, we offer you and your team ergonomic assessments to make sure you all work without pain or reduced focus.