Ask the Builder - Gary Demke

November 2005

The housing industry is HOT! HOT! HOT! Ever wonder when this craziness is going to stop? Where are we going to end up?

Well… let me share my thoughts. Economies worldwide have gone through many stages as they have flourished and grown. Many countries have reached a point where “home” is a three storey structure about twenty feet wide, and that includes a three foot wide staircase which takes other owners to their “homes” on the levels above you. (Kind of like those multi-level cattle haulers you see going down the highway to Lakeside Packers).

Not really a nice picture is it? But let me tell you this. If this economy continues at this pace and prices do not level out, Medicine Hat is going to see a lot of changes in it’s streetscape. Possibly not to the extent of what I’ve described but we’re going to see lifestyle changes. Whatever form it takes, the given part is that high-density housing is the only way to lower prices. The more doors you can get into a multi-level building, the more “homes” you can fit into that space.

Medicine Hat has seen a lot of changes in home styles/lifestyles over the last few years, and more changes are coming. Until recently, multi-home construction in Medicine Hat has provided an alternate lifestyle for folks who don’t want their single family dwelling anymore. These units have bee sold at a mid to high price point and the facilities are loaded with amenities. Hey… it’s a great lifestyle!

What is just starting to appear on our market now, is the same style of home, but is being built with “economy pricing” in mind. This is what I’m seeing as the wave of the future. And don’t get me wrong; we need this price point on housing. Where else can the average young couple start out? (Maybe a small money gift from Ma & Pa might be nice?).

Amron can offer first time homebuyers a lot of information. I hate to admit it, but we are getting to be one of the “older” construction companies in Medicine Hat. Over time, we’ve gained a lot of experience and our sales staff have aligned Amron with some great lending institutions that have gone the “extra mile” to get our customers into their own home. Call us! Maybe we can help.

Call us with your building questions at 548-3137.


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