Ask the Builder - Gary Demke

March 2006

Hello Readers. Sometimes . . . occasionally . . . ok, lots of times then, I get my reminder call from the good folks at the “Experts” reminding me that I need to get my column written and submitted before the printing deadline. Sometimes . . . occasionally . . . ok, lots of times; then I can’t for the life of me think what to write about. Today is such a day; so for lack of a better subject I am going to talk about the weather.

At Amron Homes we’re very busy people and we honestly don’t spend a lot of time discussing the weather, much less noticing what it is doing. It seems like we are running full speed regardless of heat, cold, rain, and wind. The weather I want to discuss is that related to winter construction vs. summer construction.

Most folks have a preference for summer construction rather than winter. We hear this often so I thought I might share my thoughts with you.

Winter construction does have its difficulties, but these difficulties don’t affect the new owner or the new home. One concern is the cost of winter construction versus summer. Yes, it does cost more to build a home in winter, but . . . Amron doesn’t charge extra. It is our slowest time and we are just glad to be working year round.

The second concern we often hear is that the construction itself is not as good in winter as it is in summer.

Some people think that pouring concrete in winter is not good. I don’t agree. Personally, I would rather pour my concrete in winter. To achieve maximum strength, concrete must dry slowly. This happens in winter but not in summer when that 30 degree Celsius sun “sucks” every bit of moisture out of the concrete.

Drywall nail & screw pops are often blamed on winter construction due to “damp” wood. Again I don’t agree. Humidity is non-existent in winter and snow, unlike rain, doesn’t affect wood.

The last thing I might mention, and this is due to our overactive economy, is that new home costs are increasing by the month. A wait from October to June could add 5 – 8 percent onto the price of that home. This is something to think about.

So long from all of us at Amron Homes! We will be talking to you again next month.

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