Western Financial Group

I have been writing articles with Ask The Experts team going on 3 years now. I am always impressed by the quality and speed of the designs, and the effort they make to help me each month. The staff are truly great at what they do, and strive to help you get the most out of your monthly article. I have had many positive comments in the community from customers who read the magazine and enjoy looking forward to the upcoming month’s articles. I find it is a simple and effective way to reach out to the community and share something about my profession.

– Landon Halmrast, Western Financial Group (Medicine Hat)

Southside Dental

The Experts is a way to reach existing and new patients in a more meaningful way than traditional advertising. When patients read an article they are not only educated but also gain trust in me as a professional. This is an advertising medium that works for new client acquisition but also benefits our existing practice.

– Southside Dental, Chris Baba (Medicine Hat)

The Roof Rider

Choosing to advertise with The Experts has been very beneficial to my business. The ability to write my own articles allows me to target and provide key information to the community. One of the challenges in establishing a business is proving that you are knowledgeable and reputable. The Experts is a great platform to establish your reputation through these monthly articles.

– The Roof Rider, Greg Wilson, Owner (Medicine Hat)

Medicine Hat Retirement Villa

I have been advertising with “The Experts” for over 10 years and I feel it has really gotten our name out there by advertising both our business and by allowing us to write articles as well. We have incorporated advertising on the radio with the ads and have had good feedback from the listeners. Kevin and his staff are always up for new ideas and willing to help in any way, whether it be ad layout or answering our questions about the best layout of our advertisement and stories. I am happy Kevin has expanded to different cities and I am happy that we still have “the Medicine Hat Experts ” in Medicine Hat.

– Lorraine Dalla-Longa, Medicine Hat Retirement Villa, And Alive After Five Downtown

The Rent It Store

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation for the Ask the Expert’s publication, and what it has achieved for our firm. The exposure that this publication has brought for our company and its services has been very impressive. The paper has brought a new level of credibility to our business, and to the many fine experts that comprise our great team. There is very few days that go bye without someone expressing some type of comment about the article or reference within the article that one of our experts has presented. Thank you for this excellent opportunity.

– Doron Broadfoot, President (Saskatoon)

Philsteam Carpet Cleaning

I started advertising with The Experts last year and I really enjoy what they have done with my ads. They are very professional, understanding and very helpful for my business. The employees and management are especially helpful. I purchased an ad on the front cover and received immense response from the ad, I recommend that all clients continue advertising with The Experts.

– Alex Baquiran (Owner of Philsteam Carpet Cleaning, Grande Prairie)

Partners Naturally

Ask the Experts has been a great forum to work with for getting our message out to consumers. Our business offers a variety of services and Ask the Experts gives us the ability to change our message monthly so we can reflect the changing nature of our focus as well. The staff is easy to work with, and quick to make any changes if necessary. It is always a professional product that I am proud to see going into the homes of our customers.

– Partners Naturally Rebecca Hayes-Copeland (Grande Prairie)

Mobil 1 Auto Service & Lube Express

As the owner of Mobil 1 Auto Service & Lube Express, our experience with The Experts, Kevin Panko, and staff has been excellent. We were first approached by Kevin to advertise in the print ads. Kevin was excellent in presenting what his vision was. He approached us again after our very successful first campaign had concluded. And we were even more impressed with the vision of radio and television being added to the mix. We have had great feedback with all the advertising thus far and have enjoyed working with all the staff there. We will continue to use The Experts as one of our trusted advertising methods.

– John Hanewich, Mobil 1 Auto Service & Lube Express

Millerdale Pharmacy

Millerdale Pharmacy’s Team of Experts have been lending their experience to Red Deer community through “Ask The Experts” publication since the very first issue in our area. This professional publication offers something for everyone and is highly regarded for it’s advertorial delivery. Thank you Kevin. You and your Experts team for making each month seamless!

– Melanie Warren, Operating Partner, Pharmacy Services (Millerdale Pharmacy, Red Deer)

Midwest Furniture Rentals

Ask The Experts is an excellent publication to be a part of. We had been receiving it at our business for awhile now and always read the showcased articles with interest. When we were approached by their representative about joining the publication, I was more than eager. Being featured and offering our expertise has already brought in some business and additional advertising areas. Their team from the rep, to design and marketing people have been very professional and courteous. I can see this publication as having a very successful future for themselves and the businesses that are involved.

– Bob Stevenson, Owner/ GM (Midwest on Main, Grande Prairie)

Kitchen & Bath Classics

I have been very pleased with the success of advertising with Ask The Experts publication. The distribution is extensive and reaches outside of our city into developing towns nearby, allowing us to reach a wider audience. The articles are tailored to be more personal and a unique way to reach out to potential clients by showcasing your talented staff and expertise in the industry. The response to the articles is immediate and also long term, as clients keep the articles until they are able to come into the store. The staff at Ask The Experts are friendly and helpful, making it easy to put together the creative for each ad. I would highly recommend Ask The Experts as an advertising medium.

– Lori Pelletier, Showroom Manager (Saskatoon SK.)

Gregg’s Home Services

Working with Ali and Cherilyn at Ask The Experts has been a breeze! They are patient with us regarding our ad copy, and totally willing to work with us on revisions, and ensuring we get what we want. Cherilyn’s design skills are excellent and the finished ad is top class!

Kathy Ziglo, (Gregg’s Home Services, Saskatoon)

Granite Plus Inc.

It is always a pleasure to be working with the Experts, everyone there is always helpful and check in with you every month to see if there are any changes to be done to your add which is so helpful considering how busy we all are and would never remember to do changes. We get a lot of response to our add in the Experts, it is a huge part of our advertising since this makes it’s way to every home. We have been advertising with the Experts for a number of years already and will continue to advertise with them for many more years to come.

Granite Plus Inc, Audra Lorencz (Lethbridge)

Edward’s Factory Outlet

We made a decision to advertise with The Experts back in 2012. Since then, we have had great service on a monthly basis as well as great response while being in the paper. Ask The Experts management are very easy to deal with and help us every step of the way. We receive very good exposure and know that there is a good readership based on the people that come into our store and mention it. It is a great way to communicate with the community. The Graphic Designer always impresses me and designs sharp and useful ads to promote our business. Ask The Experts Corp is a great company to work with.

– Visar, Edward’s Factory Outlet (Grande Prairie)

Dent Clinic Red Deer

Having dealt with Ask The Experts almost since their inception in the Red Deer area, I can say that they have been a pleasure to deal with and have consistently delivered a great product! There has always been a willingness to work with me to develop a pleasing advertisement, they are quick to make any requested changes, and their staff has always been very congenial and helpful. And we’ve definitely had customers in who were quick to remark, “Hey, I saw your article in The Experts!”. You can’t ask for more than that! Thanks again Kevin!

Dent Clinic Red Deer, Paul Howard (Red Deer)

Darcy’s Denture Clinic

I was first introduced to The Experts in April of this year. As a fairly new business, I found their rates very affordable and was really pleased that not only was there advertising in their paper but airtime on the radio and an advert on the television which has been invaluable and all for one low affordable rate. I have found the staff at The Experts to be very helpful and very friendly and they have given us good advice. I highly recommend doing business with The Experts and have been more than happy with the services they have to provided me. I am very pleased that they got in touch with me and we are now doing business together.

– Lesley (Darcy’s Denture Clinic, Medicine Hat)

Carpet Colour Centre Carpet One

Carpet Colour Centre Carpet One has been using The Experts in 2014 to expand our brand and put our expert advice into our customers hands. Over the past few months we have received excellent service and wonderful layout from this paper! They are very patient and gentle when reminding us of deadlines as we have been tardy a few times. We have always been pleased with the professionalism of this company. from initial sales experience to the ongoing work with everyone I have come in contact with, it has been a positive and proficient. Working with many forms of print advertising over the years, I have to say that Carpet Colours experience with The Experts has been one of the most positive and hassle free ones we’ve ever participated in. We thank the staff of The Experts for their hard work!

– Kim Meckler, (Carpet Colour Centre Carpet One, Red Deer)

Bromwich & Smith Inc.

Our office has been working with “Ask the Experts” for the past 6 months and have been very pleased with the service that they have provided.
The monthly publications along with the radio and television campaign currently running in Medicine Hat have been a tremendous boom to our business.
We believe that the public truly benefits from the sharing of knowledge provided by businesses that specialize in a particular field and we would highly recommend “Ask the Experts” to companies that wish to reach out and increase their market share within their community.
Bromwich & Smith Inc. looks forward to continuing a strong business relationship with “Ask the Experts”.

– Peter Stack, Marketing Director, Bromwich & Smith Inc.

Apple Auto Glass, Red Deer

We have been advertising with Ask The Experts for the past 7 months. The professionalism and customer service we have received is the best we have experienced in all of our years of advertising. The idea of not just advertising, but giving readers the knowledge to make an informed decision is what has appealed to us.

– Judy Martens (Owner of Apple Auto Glass, Red Deer)

Animal Medical Centre South

I love The Experts as they have print, online, radio, TV commercials and even a radio talk show. They always come up with great pictures to match my articles in the paper. I also receive great response from all the forms of Media.

– Dr. Leah Turner (Animal Medical Centre South, Medicine Hat)

 Ambiance Spa & Wellness Centre

When Ambiance Spa & Wellness Centre first opened it’s doors the summer of 2011, it was our greatest passion to provide our customers with first class service and quality products. So when we were approached by The Experts in the fall of 2013 we were thrilled to not only be able to offer the best treatments available but to be able to also educate our clients as well. The Experts has provided us with a forum in which to provide our readers with invaluable information regarding spa treatment from skin care to the benefits of Hydrotherapy and Massage.Three years after we opened our doors, Ambiance has built relationships with the best people in the industry. It has been a privilege not only being able to work with a publication such as The Experts but be able to see first-hand the difference we’ve made in peoples quality of life. We are grateful to have been given this opportunity. Our journey also includes a team of dedicated employees, who through their professionalism and competence has made Ambiance the success it has become. Without them this would not have been possible and to them we say thank-you. So to The Experts as well as our loyal customers thank-you and we look forward to the next three years!

– Tammy & Angie, Owners of Ambiance Spa & Wellness Centre, Medicine Hat

Aesthetic Solutions Clinic

Where to spend one’s advertising dollar can be one of the most difficult decisions one faces in business. As time changes so many aspects for any business, the trend tends to lean more and more toward online advertising, finding a good advertising mix has become quite a challenge. Aesthetic Solutions Inc. has been advertising with “The Experts” for a few years now, and we continue to feel that the service provided us by this advertising is a wise investment. With the “Experts” we are afforded the online aspect of advertising with the backup of print. It’s a perfect blend with a very reasonable price tag.The care and attention given to making sure that the words I write are clearly and attractively put into a beautiful eye catching format is exceptional. Aesthetic Solutions looks forward to continued business success, with the assistance of “The Experts Publication”.

– Lynda M. Ellis, General Manager (Red Deer)

52nd Street Dental

Ask the Experts is a wonderful way to get your business known in your community. Our office has increased due to people reading the articles in the paper. We are pleased with the fact that the paper is distributed in a number of areas of the community. The staff is easy to work with and each month they put out a great edition.

– Kerri, Office Manager (Red Deer)


For the past 8 years I have been a consistent participant in Ask The Experts publication. The paper is delivered by Canada Post ensuring that the target audience is reached and on time. It has been the experience of this company that the paper has an approximate shelf life of seven days, sometimes longer. The paper enjoys a strong readership and has a loyal following.

As for the character of the owner Kevin Panko is above reproach and altogether a man of honour and conviction.

I can say with confidence and without hesitation that, to grow your business, I recommend participation in Ask The Experts.


– Paul Izzard

Powers & Jans Centre

Due to the guaranteed wide distribution of Ask The Experts, it provides an excellent opportunity to reach a broad audience which we would have difficulty doing cost effectively through any other publications. The articles we write give us the opportunity to showcase our expertise. It is encouraging to get feedback from so many people who have read about us in Ask The Experts!

– Wallace

Hair Uncensored

We started with Ask The Experts in 2003 and have immensely enjoyed our time with the publication. It has brought us many customers over the years as people are confident in our specialized field of colours. Being recognized on the street from our ad tells us a lot of people read about the businesses advertised within. We cannot praise the Experts enough. We found it to be an awesome form of advertising and plan to stay on top.

– Tammy and Stacey