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Mike Gakan


I have a furniture / mattress store in Grande Prairie and I have loved working with T.O.M.M. since day 1! They are very receptive and in touch with marketing trends and have really came up with great ideas to connect the business community together with our clients...and furthermore connect our business community together with other community business members. The portfolio of marketing tools, events etc...shows that the staff at T.O.M.M. really care and work exceptionally hard to ensure our needs are met !!!

Audra Lorencz


It is always a pleasure to be working with T.O.M.M., everyone there is always helpful and check in with you every month to see if there are any changes to be done to your ad which is so helpful considering how busy we all are and would never remember to do changes. We get a lot of response to our add in The Experts®, it is a huge part of our advertising since this makes it’s way to every home. We have been advertising with T.O.M.M. for a number of years already and will continue to advertise with them for many more years to come.