Ask the Disability Services Expert – Brandon Thomas

Ask the Disability Services Expert – Brandon Thomas

With the cold weather, snow and short days it can be hard to participate in fun activities with your children. Bored children often become disruptive children or engage in problem

behaviours. Here are some activities which may encourage positive behaviour and keep you and your children busy while staying out of the cold weather.

Make a Human Snowman

Using coloured construction

paper cut out 2 stick arms, 2 black eyes, 1 orange carrot nose, 1 hat and 5 black buttons. Have your kids wrap one child or adult in toilet paper from head to toe! Put some glue on the pieces you cut out and have the kids decorate the snowman.

Kiddie Skeeball

Put a large sized box on its side. Clean out yogurt containers and write large numbers on the inside of the bottom. Tape the yogurt containers on their side along the opening of the box. Have your kids roll small balls into them and aim for the highest number!

How do I make sure all my children can participate?

Make sure to give your child with a disability clear and specific instructions, model what to do and give praise or other rewards for appropriate behaviour. Have your child work on the parts that you know are easy for them. For example have the child who is great at printing write the numbers in the yogurt containers or have the snowman lay on the ground so all children can reach. Adapt each activity so all of your children are able to participate and have fun!