Ask the Lingerie and Alteration Expert – Deanna Tanner

Ask the Lingerie and Alteration Expert – Deanna Tanner

New Year = Resolutions?  Am I right?


You may be regretting those extra cabbage rolls, or you may be planning a whole lifestyle change including weight loss.

Your body will be making changes, can your wardrobe keep up?  Yes, with our help it can!

You don’t need to be stuck in baggy, poorly fitting clothes.  By tailoring your clothing you look your best while you are on the road to your goal, and saving money too!

Set a target date for your fitness goals, and reward yourself with a whole new wardrobe once you reach it!  Each 10-15 lbs have your clothing nipped in.  Pants can be sized down 2 sizes easily, skirts, and tops even more than 2 sizes.

PrimaDeanna Boutique offers full alteration services for any type of clothing.  We specialize in bridal & formal wear alterations, but we can alter day wear and men’s wear as well!

And ladies don’t forget, if you have lost some weight, then your bra is going to need some alterations too!  Bra bands need to fit firmly around the back.  Tightening up the band is a quick alteration that can often be done while you wait!  Give your bra a tune up and feel like a million bucks again!