Ask the Health Food Expert – Jonathan Beatty N.D.

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Ask the Health Food Expert – Jonathan Beatty N.D.

Do You Have Health Problems?

Just about everyone has some kind of health problem to solve. Nutritional therapy is proving to be a safe and effective solution to many of our most common and debilitating health problems. While getting all the daily nutritional factors we need is one thing, absorbing them well is another matter altogether. That s why the natural health Experts® at Prairie Naturals researched and formulated Ionic Liquid Solutions. Our Ionic Liquid Solutions ensure optimal absorption of therapeutic

nutritional factors in a pleasant-tasting liquid.

Experience the noticeable improvement that Prairie Naturals Ionic Liquid Solutions make to your overall health, energy and well-being!

Q: What is the difference between a liquid

suspension and an ionic liquid solution?

 A: The ingredients in a liquid suspension are not

dissolved in the liquid, they are merely suspended (held) in the liquid. You can see this for yourself as the liquid & solids separate and need to be shaken & re-shaken in a suspension formula. A suspension must be dissolved by the body’s own digestive secretions and stomach acid. Conversely, the  ingredients in Prairie Naturals Ionic Liquid Solutions are thoroughly dissolved and disassociated so the body freely absorbs all the nutritional factors without taxing the digestive system. This makes Prairie Naturals Ionic Liquid Solutions readily utilized with minimal digestive effort.

Q: Are Prairie Naturals Ionic Liquid Solutions

licensed by Health Canada?

A: Yes! All Prairie Naturals Ionic Liquid Solutions are licensed and approved by Health Canada.

Q: Where are Prairie Naturals Ionic Liquid

Solutions made?

A: Our Ionic Liquid Solutions are made in British Columbia in a Canadian Government licensed  facility that meets all cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations enforced by Health Canada.

Q: Can everyone take Prairie Naturals Ionic Liquid Solutions?

A: Yes, people of all ages can and should use our Ionic Liquid Solutions because of the effective  formulations and superior absorption. Elderly folks and people with digestive problems are prone to have poor nutrient absorption and they especially benefit from the regular use of our Ionic Solutions.

Remember: It’s Not How Much You Take, It’s How Much You Absorb That Matters Most!