Ask the Recreational Vehicles Expert – Tom Oakes


Well readers, even with the great winter we have had, many people are looking forward eagerly to the upcoming camping season. Here at the Oak Centre RV Mall we have a fantastic selection of RVs to choose from, whether you are looking for that first time purchase, or rather to upgrade from what you have to that ideal unit. And, the best news about coming to our store is that we have many past model units that came to us when the Canadian / US dollar exchange was much more favorable than it is today. We are currently disposing of all those past-model-year units as quickly as we can to make room for our freshest manufacturer commitments so get in here today while selection is strong and the prices are best. Buying last years’ RV now is like having had the foresight to go in and purchase American dollars when they were only a small premium.

Our staff are skilled in providing Expert Advice® on floor-plans, what weight you can pull, what hitch may be the best for your application, what accessories will make your family’s adventures the most enjoyable, and so on.  With upwards of 40 units inside, spread over two floors, there is lots to see even if the outside temperatures are not yet at levels you prefer.

Factoid! We are quite short of used RVs to sell. We operate the Sell-X program here. It is a no-charge consignment service so if you have a unit that you no longer want, let us know – we can turn it into cash for you – and probably fairly quickly, based on how the year has started out. It is a lot easier for us to sell it than for yourself; we can take a trade, where you would not want to, we can finance the buyer with preferred rates through major lenders, we can get the hitch and other accessories installed and included in the loan, and other factors that make the buyer’s process much easier.  You don’t have to wait for shoppers to call and then hope they keep an appointment, plus you don’t expose yourself to theft, fraud or any other scam. We have high traffi ccount swalking through our inventory every day, so it is a given that your unit will sell more quickly, for more money, than if it is on your driveway, with you hoping all of the ‘Kijiji stars line up!’

You establish what you want for the unit and the buyer pays us our fee to sell it for you – just the opposite of house listings. But hurry, lots of decisions are being made right now and it may as well be here for everyone to see, rather than just the people who are shopping in 60+ days.  Multiply your possible buyers by having it

available now! We offer pickup services as well, so if your tow unit is not yet operating daily we can provide a solution, so you’re not left out in the cold. I still especially want any of the North Battleford-built Vanguard, Frontier or Kodiak units that you want to dispose of.

We will not release your unit to the next owner until we are paid in full and have the cash sitting in your account. There is NO reason not to avail yourself of this service – it’s free of charge and we guarantee results. Odds are there may be a buyer we have waiting right now for an RV such as you want to dispose of, as we track shoppers and contact them when that potentially perfect unit pulls in.

Come see us at OAK CENTRE RV MALL, 20 Recreation Boulevard in Martensville. Saskatchewan’s RV Destination and home to TRX RV 384-4900, TCC Truck Camper Canada 244-2244, Scotty’s RV Source 244-7872 and RVceteras (Parts, Accessories and Service centre) 384-4973. Oh, and there will be no language barrier… We speak RV.

OAK CENTRE RV MALL – 8 Minutes Straight North of Costco on Hwy 12… Just Enough Time To Decide What You’ll Do With The Money You Save!!!

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