Red Deer Natural Health Expert – Cheryl Markovich

We PARTNER with YOU using a collaborative approach to holistic health and examine the root causes of disease while encouraging and supporting YOUR responsibility for a healthy, balanced life.

Cheryl brings over 30 years experience in various aspects of traditional medicine, preventative health education and natural healing. Graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health, her solid background in traditional medicine includes teaching and counseling in Medical Education Centres, Post Secondary Institutes and various Human Service sectors.Through her studies in Natural Health and Nutrition, Root Causes of Disease, Detoxing and Cleansing, and Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis she is able to assist individuals to attain “Whole Body Wellness”.

In addition to her medical and spiritual competencies, Cheryl firmly believes that every physical ailment has a mental, emotional or spiritual component that either caused it, aggravates it, or is preventing it from healing. As a Life Coach Counselor, she has observed that “What the mind and spirit harbor – the body will manifest”. By ”removing the problem”- the symptoms disappear! For this reason, Cheryl participated in a six-week Internship at the “Be in Health” Centre in Thomaston, Georgia, sponsored by Pastor Henry Wright, national author of “A More Excellent Way”. This book addresses the spiritual and emotional roots of over 1200 different diseases and is available through Building Bridges.

Cheryl received her Health Minister Certification through “Hallelujah Acres”, in North Carolina, a center that promotes scientifically sound, proven principles that help regain body wellness and maintain a vitality of life, longevity, and energy. The focus is on identifying and removing the root cause of the disease to support the miraculous self-healing body. Much of this is done through a simple, inexpensive, uncomplicated lifestyle that utilizes “scripture-based” wholeness in mind, body, and spirit.

Along with her husband Terry, they operate a clinic located within a pristine rural setting, often described by clients as a “place of peace, tranquility, and rejuvenation”. Both Terry and Cheryl are Certified Natural Health Professionals. As Certified Health Ministers they offer a message of hope and healing to everyone. They enjoy sharing ways to help others take responsibility for their lives and health through proper education. Knowledge, understanding and personal accountability are the keys to success.

Client feedback indicates a deep appreciation of Cheryl’s healing techniques and her “truthful”, frank feedback as demonstrated by many successful testimonies. “A total body experience” and a “new appreciation for healthful living”, has been quoted by many of her clients.

To find out more about Cheryl’s services please call 403-343-8547.