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As the RV season is coming to an end, people are starting to get ready to put their trailers into storage to forget about them for the winter.  Here are some things to consider before you do:

Winterizing is a must, no one wants broken water lines in the spring! Don’t put it off untill the last minute as -5 weather is enough to break any components in the RV water system. What people don’t know is that you need to check all the seals as well. During our winters the chinooks allow the water to seep into areas and then refreeze causing significant water damage if not checked for long periods of time. This is why it is important to have all the perimeter seals done in order to protect your investments and not surprise you with any uninspected water damage when it comes time to camp again.

With the summer bringing us large hail this year, it’s even more important to have roofs checked for damage that could be missed by the untrained eye.

We offer winterization with a FREE inspection on the roof and surrounding seals done by a qualified RV Tech.  Most winterizations can be done same day while you wait for your convenience.

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