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Keeping Your Pets Safe: Microchip

A microchip is smaller than a grain of rice and is inserted under the skin by your veterinarian. When your pet is lost, having the pet microchipped is the answer. This procedure is quick and relatively painless.

The microchip contains an identification number that belongs only to your pet. The microchip registration database stores a complete description of your pet and all of your contact information. This includes: home phone number, cell number, address, email address and an emergency contact person. It is crucial to keep all of this information current, and that can be done by contacting the microchip company. The microchip database will also allow you to add any warnings or alerts to your pets file such as – seizures or diabetic and requires insulin.

If you would like to have the security and peace of mind by having your pet permanently identified with a microchip, please call 403-527-2829 today and schedule an appointment.