Red Deer Auto Paint Restoration Expert – Mark Dolynchuk

Why do auto dealers contract out to Detail Shops, or open their own shops within the dealership?

We’re visual people. If a vehicle appears to be better cared for, we presume what ‘under the hood’ is in equivalent condition. Look to food – people handle the produce and choose the fruit or veggie with the least number of blemishes. So you do when you shop for your car. Paint touchups will reduce rust spots, contribute to the pride of ownership, and ultimately earn the best resale value when you sell your ‘ride’. You’ll pay more for a car that appears to be in pristine condition, and even if it hasn’t always been in great shape a wise dealer will recondition that car so prospective purchasers see it and live the dream!

Everything about an automotive paint job is about scratching. Use a buffer to apply polish or wax. Use that same buffer to remove it and you’ll scratch the surface. We service show cars that never see the harsh Alberta winters, nor do they ever experience the wear and tear of our summertime roads. We usually work on everyday ‘drives’ that get you to and from work daily.

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