Red Deer Health Supplies – Dawn Wickberg

It’s just too easy to rip through a drive through and grab some food ‘quick’ or grab a box out of the cupboard and make something to eat before the next extra curricular activity commences.  We wonder why were left feeling sluggish and nutrient depleted.  Well because we kinda are.  We also run in to the problem of nutrient depleted food.  A lot of our food is picked or plucked well before being ripe thrown on a truck irradiated at the border and sits on a store shelf for a week or more before we get it to the cash register, only to have it sit in our fridge for a week before we consume it.  How much nutrition is actually left by the time we eat it? Not much.  We also run in to the problem of nutrient depleted soils.  It has a lot to do with pesticides and herbicides that kill off the GOOD microbes in the soil needed to make the nutrients available for the plants to uptake…. nutrient DEAD soils equal nutrient dead plants…WHEW! a lot to take in. What am I getting at here? A couple things:

  • A good quality vitamin and mineral supplement is a must
  • Buy locally grown produce (keep the dirty dozen in mind even when buying locally and ask questions about pesticide and herbacide use.  Even in greenhouses.)
  • Be conscious of what you put in your mouth.  It can make or break your health.
  • Drink plenty of filtered non fluoridated water, our bodies are 80% water and require constant replenishment

Until next time….