White Rock Appliances Expert – Tammy Graham

What is the best way to clean a glass top range?

A glass top range is the perfect modern addition to your kitchen. You can keep the glass looking clean and new with a few easy cleaning tips.

We recommend using Affresh Cooktop Cleaner. This cleaner can be applied with a dry cloth or sponge for the best results. For heavy spills you can spread the cleaner on top and let sit for several minutes. Then go over the area with a razor blade scrapper till the spill has been removed.

Avoid strong ammonia-based cleaners, such as Windex. These cleaners only remove fingerprints and light dirt but the chemicals can damage the glass over time.

Make sure your pots have a flat bottom. You can check this by running your hands along the bottom of the item. If you feel any bumps or imperfections I don’t recommend using the pot as it could cause scratches while cooking. When stirring food, hold the handle tight with one hand. If the pot has movement while stirring it could leave small scratches around the elements surface.

If you have any questions please call our office, myself and my staff are always happy to help! Check out our article next month for tips on washer maintenance.

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