White Rock Auto Care Expert – Dwayne

At Mighty Tune and Brake, we stress vehicle maintenance. A well maintained vehicle is going to be a lot more pleasant to drive and less likely to leave you stranded. All of our clients at Mighty Tune and Brake are treated like friends. We really value the relationships we build with our clients. We are a local family owned and operated business providing Expert® vehicle repair and maintenance. Winter is just around the corner, don’t get stranded out in the cold. Bring your vehicle in to Mighty Tune and Brake and we will give it a thorough inspection to prevent any nasty surprises this winter. We will inspect your vehicle’s starting and charging system, brakes, suspension, tires and belts.

Cold weather is not kind to vehicles and when the temperature drops you will find out that your battery was not as strong as you thought it was. Most people believe that winter tires are only useful in the snow. Winter tires are actually meant to be used in conditions where the temperature gets below 7 degrees Celsius. The compound that a winter tire is constructed of is designed to have better traction in cold weather. Winter tires are great in the snow but also very necessary in cold weather even without snow on the ground. We can take care of all of your automotive maintenance and repairs.

Come see us at Mighty Tune and Brake and we will help you prevent some of those unwanted surprises this winter. We look forward to helping you!

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