White Rock Appliances Expert – Tammy Graham

Why do I get odors in my Washing Machine?

Odors in washers are a common problem but can be avoided or eliminated by a few easy steps.

I recommend always leaving the door or lid open to air out the washer. You don’t want trapped water left in the machine for a long period of time. Front load washers specifically are prone to mold due to the rubber gasket around the front door. I advise that you give the front gasket a wipe after every wash cycle. Make sure you are using the proper type and amount of detergent for the washing machine. HE (high-efficiency) washers use less water and must be ran with HE soap. This soap is extremely concentrated and only a small amount is needed. Regular detergent which suds will not clean and most likely still be on the clothes after the washer cycle has finished. Odors are usually caused by built-up soap residue inside the washer. You can clean out the washer using Affresh Washer Cleaning Tablets. The foaming tablet will slowly dissolve and remove excess residue. The tablet will clean places between the drum that you can’t reach yourself. If you have any questions please call our office. Myself or my staff is always happy to help. Check out our article next month for tips on cleaning stainless steel appliances.

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