White Rock Mattresses Expert – Raman Dhaliwal

With the superior quality, innovative design and luxurious materials found in WR Mattress Gallery’s handcrafted, locally constructed products in combination with their outstanding customer service and ethical business motto, it really is no wonder why they have been awarded the Better Business Bureau’s highest honour, the 2017 Torch Awards People’s Pick prize.  Sales Manager and 30 year industry veteran Mark Nagra along with Owner Raman Dhaliwal have been a team since the store’s opening in 2013, and with pages of five- star customer testimonials under their belt, it’s safe to say the store’s excellence is truly unmatched. WR Mattress Gallery locally sources their mattresses and Cabinet Beds, with over 90 percent of them being manufactured in BC. The advantages of a locally made product are huge, as the team is able to communicate South Surrey residents’ specific needs directly with the manufacturer. Not only are customers able to serve their stylistic, storage, and sleeping needs at once, they are able to purchase one of the most important pieces of furniture in their home from a conscientious vendor with an ironclad quality assurance and satisfaction guarantee.

Let Mark and his team help you navigate the many options and specialized materials their manufacturers use to bring you the best sleep of your life. WR Mattress Gallery prefers to work with materials like wool, organic cotton as well as vulcanized latex and Celliant, the key ingredients in their best-selling Ironman series. These high-tech mattresses with mineral rich Celliant fibres convert body heat into infrared energy, which studies have shown aids circulation and temperature regulation, all leading to a better night’s sleep! While the Celliant fibres benefit you, the vulcanized latex treatment is an innovative technology to protect your mattress itself; resistant to trapping body heat and dust mite buildup, it can prolong the lifespan of your mattress another 10-15 years! Treat yourself, improve your health, and trust every member of your family’s sleep to the Experts® at WR Mattress Gallery, open 7 days a week and ready to serve you in store or online at wrmattress.com!

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