White Rock Skin Treatment Therapies Expert – Ildiko Sramaty

Why do we need to treat Vascular or Pigmented Lesions?

Overexposure to UV radiation causes serious long-term skin damage, premature skin aging and may trigger skin cancer. Even if the infrared light of the sun seems harmless, it may build up extremely high temperatures in the outermost skin layers and as a consequence lead to premature skin aging.

What can be done after UV and IR radiation already have left their damaging effects on the skin?

Nearly all people have one or more pigmented lesion, that are caused by accumulated damage from sun exposure over the years, or by aging. Pigmented lesions are simply spots on the skin where there is a higher concentration of melanin. Some lesions are flat; others are raised. In most cases, pigmented lesions are merely a cosmetic concern, but in some cases, they can be an early sign of skin cancer. For most benign pigmented lesions that are of a cosmetic concern, there is a non-surgical option. By exposing a pigmented lesion to short pulses of visible light, the temperature in the highly concentrated melanin can be raised sharply, enough to shatter the cells containing the melanin. The body then replaces these cells with new cells generated by the surrounding untreated area. IPL is non – invasive treatment that erases skin damage such as broken capillaries, skin discoloration, age spots, freckles and symptoms of rosacea. An IPL (intense pulsed light) delivers a bright blast of light at very high energy levels through hand held device. The small bursts of light cauterize damaged blood vessels and evaporate trapped blood and pigment buildups, removing skin discolorations and preventing future skin damage. The treatment itself can last between half an hour to an hour depending upon the size of the area being treated. The number of IPL (photo facial) you need will depend on the condition you are treating, and how your skin responds. Usually 2 – 6 treatments are required to fully get the desired results.

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