Grande Prairie Start Up Company Adviser – Colby Krall


From small towns to big cities, there is usually a law on the books that tells property owners what they need to do after a snowfall. You’re most likely required to shovel sidewalks within a certain time frame, like before 24-hours ticks by. If you own an apartment or commercial building, it’s common sense to clear all paths quickly to avoid the possibility of someone slipping on your property and filing a lawsuit. In Grande Prairie we know all about the big snowfalls.

1.Safety. Aside from the liability issues that could crop up if someone hurts themselves on your property, it’s just a neighborly thing to do. It makes traveling easier and safer. If you’ve ever hit a patch of black ice under a light snow covering, you know that when roads, driveways or walkways are icy and wet it’s really easy for things to go wrong, fast.

2.Hard Work. The higher the snow cover, the more strenuous the job will be. If you are the type of person who thinks that changing the channels on your television is exercise, you probably want to tread lightly on the hard work until you slowly get into shape. Many people think they have superpowers only to discover they don’t when they are lying in a bank of snow. Hire a contractor.

3.You Could Lose Business. Shoveling snow at your place of business may be impractical. Those folks, who have a big parking lot, need to make the call to a pro who can tackle the job. Do it without delay. The longer that people can’t get into your business, the more money you stand to lose. In a cash-making enterprise a lot of the risks are the same as you’re exposed to with your home. But multiply the dangers by the size of your shop’s property. There are places at your business location where slippery conditions may exist that you forgot to consider.