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Winter Break Learning Talking Points

The brain never stops learning, even on breaks and it is important to keep it stimulated. Studies have shown that even small changes in the regular routine can cause a drop in motivation, making it difficult to get back on track. To keep learning over the break doesn’t mean working on schoolwork the entire time.

Learning on breaks can be fun!

  • Board games are great ways to combine learning and fun.
  • In younger kids, they can teach skills such as patience, taking turns, delaying gratification, etc. As well as basics such as spelling (Scrabble) or counting (Shoots and Ladders).
  • In older kids, they can help with skills such as strategic thinking, problem solving.
  • In all ages, they can foster creative thinking, risk-taking and other skills that pay off academically.
  • Tip—try playing a board game you are not familiar with or put thinking caps on and create your own board game.
  • Other games are great for challenging the brain with problem solving: Suduko puzzles, word searches or even jigsaw puzzles, teach perseverance.

Other ways to keep learning on breaks:

  • Books–keep reading. Build vocabulary.
  • Notebooks, pens and paper–keep writing. Keep a break journal. Write a short story.
  • Exercise is also a great way to keep the brain functioning optimally.
  • Getting enough sleep and sticking to the regular sleep routine also keeps the brain on track.
  • Best way to stay on track is to do a little bit of schoolwork every day. Schedule a bit of time every day during the break to work on homework and assignments.

Stay focused and avoid any backward momentum.

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