Grande Prairie Marketing strategist – Lisa Neville

What is in a brand?

Do people have brands? Not just businesses but you yourself as a human in your daily life? The answer is YES of course!  A brand is not a slogan, a logo, a name or a website style. You can’t buy your brand with a marketing Expert®, it’s how people feel about you. People are going to have feelings about you one way or the other. How you want people to think about you, and how people actually feel about you are hardly ever the same. Your brand is the later.

What you actually care about in your core, is what you spend most of the time thinking about, talking about and doing. That will always bleed through as your brand. It’s really hard to fake that you care about something and people will notice if you try.  In that case your brand is that you’re just a big fat faker that’s pretending to be someone they’re not! Yikes.

It’s the same with your business. Use marketing to show the world what your brand is, and spin it to make people realize how special that is. We can come up with a perfect slogan but it should be based on what makes your business great in the first place.

If you are a local owner of a franchise, don’t focus all your energy and marketing dollars on convincing people that you are locally owned and operated. Even though you are, you’re fighting against what people already think about you. There was a reason you paid to join the franchise in the first place, and it’s that they already had the strong successful brand.

A barbershop franchise’s brand is that they are edgy and a cool place to go. They make everyone who walks through their doors even sexier then when they walked in. They could pump their commercials full of all the locally owned information they want but you won’t really believe them.  If you don’t believe them, you won’t support them. Just skip passed all that and push the real brand. A great atmosphere and a place that will make you sexy!

Brands are how people feel about you. The rest of your marketing is used to emphasize parts that give people positive feelings about you. Do you want to talk about the brand of your company and use how to use it to your advantage?  Call me at 780-978-3427, I’ll come to your business and we can chat.

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