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Midda Productions is “An Elite Wedding Photography & Cinematic Films Venture”, founded in 2011 in Vancouver, Canada, by a passionate photographer & director Amit Midda. With the background of theater and a passionate love for photography and cinema, he decided to quit his solid career in IT space to follow his dream venture full time.


Our goal is to make a lasting impresion; to frame the essence of the ‘diversity of life’ all around the world by collaborating with different ethnic cultures and traditions. Therefore, our clientele is spread worldwide.


Our team of Professional Photographers & Cinematic Film Makers offer a unique signature style of Photography & Videography. We pride ourselves in capturing every minute detail of the event as our work is a combination of talent, vision, creativity, followed by hard work and diverse experience. An experience that encompasses a wide spectrum of events. From concerts to organized charity events, from ethnic to celebrity weddings, we have managed to envelop it all under our umbrella. Hence, we feel humble and grateful for having been able to cover about 350+ wedding assignments across multiple geographies, cultures and nationalities.


Since the beginning, our focus has been dedicated to “capturing everlasting memories” for our clients and we hope to continue doing so for the years to come.


Our beautiful studios welcomes you to view our work and discuss a tailor made package to suit your exact service and product requirements. We specialise in ‘Tailor-made’ packages to meet your exact needs, style and budget.


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Things to Avoid While Selecting a Wedding Photographer


Your wedding day is a true “once-in-a-lifetime” event . it should be recorded sensitively and accurately – by a qualified photographer! One of the most important thing in wedding is the selection of Photographer and Videographer. After all, they help you to immortalize this special day of your life. So, there are certain things that you should avoid while choosing your wedding photographer and videographer.


The more the better

This is a myth that you shouldn’t fall for. The quantity and number of photographs is not something that should catch your attention. What is indeed important is the quality and the experience that photographer has. After all, you don’t want your wedding to be a practice ground for a novice photographer. Make sure who will be holding the camera and clicking those candid shots.


Sale season

Do not compromise on the look of your wedding shoot just because some of the photographers might be giving you a discount. After all, a good photographer can make a budget dress look breath-taking. But a bad can do the exact opposite and make a great dress look tacky. So, before you seal your deal with a novice photographer, ask yourself if he is really worth it.



Always ask photographer how long they’ve been in the business. Are they into full-time professional photography, or they are just weekend photographer who actually does some other job to pay the bills? Are they busy enough to only their own direct client’s wedding  photography assignments? Or do they have to supplement their income by working for other photography companies? If they have an assistant, is he actually going to click images for you or just carry the boss’s cameras and lens bags? You need to see, do you really want to pay to have someone carry some guy’s photo bags during event? Hasn’t he done enough events that he can handle it without a caddy?



You should realize that some venues will recommend you certain photographers because they pay a price to be recommended to you. Some vendors sell their spots on their “preferred vendor” lists. This might not apply to every venue. Some venues offer excellent recommendations. It is therefore very crucial to double check before going with a choice recommended by the venues.


Waiting too long to select your wedding photographer

This is one important thing which you should avoid. Never wait for too long to choose your wedding photographer in case you have found a good one. Good photographers book their dates in advance and will not be available always. Nothing is more frustrating than selecting a wedding photographer and then finding out that they booked out your date a week prior.


Amit Midda is a Creative Director & Digital wedding photographer. Yet no matter the medium, Amit’s images have a romantic softness, a timeless simplicity, and an organic, ethereal feel. Based in Surrey, BC, but traveling worldwide for assignments.


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