Lethbridge Marketer – Amanda Hofman

The goal of advertising is to educate potential customers about your business and build sales. It’s important to ensure you’ll get the best return on your investment when teaching people about you. Short & long term campaigns relate very closely to short & long term memory.

Think back to when you were a student and maybe crammed studying for a test. You would have memorized the information enough to get through the test but did you actually learn anything? Can you remember any of it today? Probably not, because the information that’s sent to the short-term memory lacks depth, meaning & quickly evaporates leaving you with nothing. Similarly short-term campaigns can work if buyers are interested in your product or sale at that time (like the test is relevant at that time).  However if they’re not in that buying cycle at that moment –  the number of consumers you’re actually reaching is limited, as they will not remember you or your business 2 months from now when they need your product or service.

On the other hand, by actually learning something through repetition and time it goes to your long-term memory.  The information links to other stored information already there (about needing a new car, home reno projects, finding a new home etc) by doing this it increases your comprehension.

The result is an emotional connection of being top of mind, increasing the customer’s likelihood of coming to you when your product or service is needed.

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