White Rock PEMF Therapy Expert – Adrian Armstrong

Hello, my name is Adrian Armstrong. I have been helping people in the lower mainland with health issues for 30 years. During my late 20s I sustained a serious back injury that was incapacitating, and left me unable to work or enjoy life at all. I spent 10 years searching for an effective solution for my back pain, and after trying a variety of treatments and bodywork, both traditional and alternative, I began to study Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Massage and Body Alignment techniques.

The difference these health and wellness practices made to my life was so profound, that I decided to dedicate myself to helping others.

3 years ago I discovered PEMF Therapy and it immediately became my passion and focus as I had never seen such amazing health improvements for everyone I introduced it to.

If you’re like most people and you haven’t found a safe and effective way of reducing and eliminating your aches and pains, then this is definitely for you.

Call me for a FREE CONSULTATION & PEMF THERAPY SESSION, so you too can achieve life changing results.

“After 22 years of pain from Fibromyalgia, I have finally weaned myself off of Methadone. Using the iMRS PEMF device three times daily for a year and then twice daily for the past six months has made such a difference. I can now take care of my grandson and enjoy gardening again. This mat has changed my life.” – Julie B.