Medicine Hat Chiropractic Care Expert – Dr. Sheldon Chemiak

Defining Chiropractic By Its Objective

In this present day, when visiting a chiropractic office, it may not be clear what type of service you will receive. With so many different types of services out there, one’s expectations may be quite different than the health service they receive. The purpose of this article is to define chiropractic by its objective, to allow the public to use chiropractic services more effectively.

So what is the objective of chiropractic? This question has had a history of being so important that there was an actual movement created called Objective Straight Chiropractic. This movement’s philosophy began in the 1970’s with the term officially coined in 1994. It emerged primarily to bring clarity to the growing confusion of what the practice of chiropractic consisted of. This is its position.

Chiropractic’s objective- “Locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxations because they interfere with the full expression of life by reducing the ability of the innate intelligence of the body to coordinate function through the nervous system.” This means that chiropractic’s purpose is to remove the blockages (subluxations) in the spine, so the body can communicate and coordinate with no interference. This allows the body to function closer to its best.

What are some of the benefits of both defining and practicing chiropractic in this manner?

  1. Makes clear what chiropractic is and what it is not. Do you notice that no where in the definition does it say “treatment of low back pain?” It doesn’t matter what body complaint a person has. Chiropractic should not be thought of as a treatment for any particular condition. Simply put, if someone has subluxations, or blockages to the nervous system, their body would work better without them.
  2. It’s a philosophy to provide a non-diluted, laser focused service. No matter what service is provided, you can only do one thing great. The more things you involve yourself with, quality has to go down. If you needed heart surgery, would you want a surgeon who also dabbles in various other types of surgeries, or one who focuses solely on the heart? Subluxation-focused chiropractic is no different.
  3. Allows people of varying needs to be able to both utilize and benefit from chiropractic. If everyone can be better without subluxations, then everyone can benefit from being checked by a chiropractor. From the back pain patient, to the elite athlete, everyone would function better without subluxations.

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