Red Deer Tinted Glass Expert – Alesha Heisler

Need tint, but not sure what you can do?  There are many questions that get asked when it comes to tinting vehicles and homes.

Let’s start with vehicles.  The most common question is “can I tint the front door windows on my car”?  The answer is no, legally no aftermarket glazing (window tint, decals) can be installed on the front door windows or windshield.  The vehicles driving around with tinted front door windows or “eyebrows” (aftermarket tint strip applied to the top of the windshield) are illegal.  The windows behind the driver can be tinted as dark as you want, as long as the vehicle has two exterior rear view mirrors.

As for residential windows, the most common question is “can they be tinted? I didn’t even know”.  This answer can be quite complex, but for the most part the answer is yes, depending on the windows.  Residential glass is usually made of a different type of glass than automotive, and the films are far more technologically advanced than automotive.  We make sure to inspect the windows for the type of glass they are and show customers samples of the different products available for their specific windows. There are many different types of film available for residential and commercial applications, from solar films to frosted films, and we can customize all of it to meet the needs of our customers.  Our main goal is to put a smile on their faces.