Grand Prairie life health and disability insurance expert – Chris Kadyk






As a married father of 4, I know how busy life can get. I also know how a tragedy can turn things upside down if you’re not prepared for it. In my career as an advisor at Sun Life, I have seen how having a plan can make all the difference when life gets turbulent.

The thought of building a lifetime of financial security can be intimidating. We’re busier, more financially independent and less reliant on our families, and we live in a marketplace full of complex products, benefits and offers.  Professional advice can be invaluable in helping us sort it all out, I have the expertise to understand your needs and show you how to fulfill them. Together we’ll create a personalized plan that addresses your goals for the future, and evolve that plan if your needs and situation change. I’ll help you get the most out of it.

As a Sun Life Advisor, my three main competitors are retirement, illness and death. My job is to get to you before they do.
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