Grande Prairie Beauty Expert – Rydell O’Day and Jordan Lirette


Not everyone can be a healthy light, white blonde, it’s not attainable without damaging the hair.

  1. Have realistic expectations. It is best to book a consultation BEFORE your appointment, this way there are no surprises when you come in.
  2. Discuss your Beauty Budget with your stylist, they can offer session options to fit your budget.
  3. It is important your hair is strong enough to endure lightening, we suggest doing home treatments try Redken’s Extreme CAT, Extreme Megamask or Take Home Bonder.
  4. Your shampoo and conditioner you use now matters, get a professional recommended set to make sure your hair does not have build up.
  5. Be prepared to get a haircut, this will make sure your ends are looking fresh and as healthy as possible.

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