Red Deer Battery Expert – Geordin Flett

It’s the three words kids and young adults love to hear this time of year –


For teenagers and this can mean driving younger siblings or friends to school. Or it can mean carpooling with someone else’s teenager to High School.

For College age students this could mean a long cross-country trip to a new city and school or perhaps several commutes to and from Red Deer University.

Whichever way your child gets to school make sure they are SAFE. Below are the top car care tips to make sure everyone arrives safe:

  • Keep an eye on your tire wear and pressure. Improper tire pressure can cause you to get fewer miles per gallon.
  • Top off all the fluids- including performing

regular oil changes.

  • Inspect your lights.
  • Have your brakes inspected.
  • Check your battery and replace if


  • Stock an emergency kit (consider a battery booster pack as well!!)

At Battery Boss Ltd. We want your child to arrive safe to school. For the month of August, we are offering free battery installation for any College or High School student. Simply present your High School or College ID…. that’s a $25 value! We also have NOCO battery booster packs on sale!