Red Deer Copy and Print Expert – Doug Free

Wow Them

Trade Shows seem to be a wonderful way of getting your product or services out into a venue that is full of potential customers.  But there needs to be more than your smiling face behind the table to attract people to stop and listen to a sales pitch.

Cookware companies are great at showing what their latest frying pan can do, and how well the food tastes, but look at the whole booth and you will see colorful backdrops, banners and signage. There will also be brochures, business cards and sales sheets. Some vendors offer a freebee promo item.  All of this is designed to grab your attention and leave that lasting impression.

So when the time comes for you to tackle a trade show, make sure you are stocked with a variety of items that will leave that lasting impression.  Business Cards, Brochures, Presentation Folders, Colorful Pull-up Banners,  Note Pads, Invoices, Sales Sheets and of course the Postcard  featuring a Show Special.

CopiesNow is poised to help you put together a quality Product Presentation that will grab people’s attention.