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Success in Serving

Volumes are written on what it means to be a good leader.  Leadership seminars abound, telling people how to have better charisma and lead others.  There is not a lot written about being a servant, however.

Paul, James, Jude, and Peter all start their epistles explaining that they are servants.  We are told by Paul that Jesus took on the form of a servant.

In Matthew 25, we don’t read, “Well done thou good and faithful leader.”

We do read, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

Great leaders are idolized in our culture.  The late Steve Jobs of Apple Computers is an example.  What about all the people that worked hard to serve the company under Jobs?  They don’t have biographies written or movies produced about their lives.  Without their contribution, Steve and Apple would have never succeeded.

Joseph was sold into slavery and bought by Potiphar.  He served until he was in charge of the whole business.

He was wrongfully placed in prison.  He served until he was in charge of the prison.

Next he was standing before Pharaoh.  He went from a pit, to Potiphar, and to prison.  Everywhere he went he worked hard, serving.  There’s no record of him refusing to serve.

Finally he ended up in the palace of Egypt and became Pharaoh’s right-hand man.  How?  By being willing to serve, no matter how horrible the circumstances were.

People who are willing to serve others will always have a job and will usually find promotion.

“…by love serve one another.”

Galatians 5:13