Red Deer Auto Glass Expert – Jeff Heisler

Most people have either had a windshield replaced or know someone who has – but have you thought about ways to prolong the life of this purchase?

Here at Standard Auto Glass we suggest replacing your wipers when you replace your windshield – having old brittle wiper blades can scratch the surface of your new windshield that could cause unsightly marks and glare, reducing visibility. We stock high quality Trico wiper blades and a very good quality and affordable Bosch wiper blade – both ensure a streak and chatter free experience.

You can go a step farther and add an Aquapel treatment – this product is a silicone based treatment that when applied to your glass remarkably improves visibility by repelling rain, sleet, and snow.

This allows easier removal of dirt, bugs, and even ice for those cold winters morning.



Come on down to Standard Auto Glass and allow us to show you how we can help you protect your investment