Grande Prairie Furniture Expert – Ken Gripich

Invented in 1941,then made hugely popular in the seventies as a clothing fibre this man made fibre was dealt a near death blow when it was compared with natural fibres like cotton and silk. It was prone to static, did not breathe well, and often irritated the skin of people who were more sensitive  to unnatural fibres. So they turned to the new growing furniture industry and found it made a great cover for furniture as it’s natural properties lent very well to their needs.

The fibre is durable, the fibres dye very well and permanently, and for a light fibre it retains it’s shape very well and is deceptively strong.

Today polyester is often combined or blended with cotton and silk, or other fibres to enhance comfort and breathability. Technology today will even allow for permanent pleats and laser etched patterns before or after being dyed.

So this new (old) fabric is durable, colorfast, stretch resistant, and easy to clean. Blended fibre is now in the top three choices for furniture covering bested only  by olefin, a more course fibre, and leather – always the number one choice even though it comes with a premium price, the life span of leather is unmatched.

Recently we learned that plastic bottles are being recycled into polyester fabric as it is a  plastic polymer at it’s base which is helping to keep prices for this synthetic fabric quite low. Polyester has earned our respect over time and is a great value in it’s many variations and finishes- many of which have a leatherish look to them thanks to laser etching today.

Polyester offers great value, and better looks, along with long life. Look for it when you’re shopping for your furniture, there’s no down side.