Grande Prairie Music Recital Expert – Colton Bean

With the Christmas season now in our rear view, it’s nice to reflect on one of our most important events of the season……our annual Christmas recital!

The importance of young students’ involvement in a recital, cannot be understated. They provide a tangible goal, encourage practice, and provide an overwhelming feeling of success upon completion and your involvement makes all the difference.

Attending your child’s recital shows you recognize and value their commitment to music. Often, sports get all the glory, with everyone showing up to the big game, but for young musicians, this recital IS the big game. This is their opportunity to show their hard work. So invite grandparents, aunts and uncles. Show your support and shower them with heartfelt praise. This could be the confidence boost they need.

Lastly, recitals give your child an opportunity to experience nervousness, and overcome it. Making a valuable opportunity to grow, as well as mingling with their peers and perhaps seeing more advanced students performing more intricate pieces of music and exhibiting more advanced technique. This gives them an opportunity to see what the next step for them may be, as well as encourage them to reflect on how far they’ve come.