Medicine Hat Medical Cosmetics Expert – Dr. Burger

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What makes it a True Mineral Make-Up?

All make-up contains minerals (titanium, zinc etc). What is meant by the modern term of ‘Mineral Make-up”, refers to the exclusion of certain components found in traditional make-up. True ‘Mineral make-up’ should not contain oils that can exacerbate acne. The oils in non-true Mineral Make-up also act as a food source for bacteria. Your Mineral Make-up should contain no preservatives or perfumes (that can very easily irritate the skin). The mineral molecules used nowadays are larger (combinations of different molecules) so the make-up sits on top of the skin and is not absorbed or pushed into the skin. True Mineral make-up will therefore not ‘clump’ onto the skin and should not look packed on. Once applied the effect lasts longer, looks more natural, and is less irritating to human skin. Due to the low contamination level (brush/sponge from product to skin to product to skin etc) compared to traditional make-up, it also does not need to be replaced as often – usually every 3 months with traditional make-up. True Mineral Make-up in a nutshell looks better, the applied effect lasts more hours, very small amounts are used so the product lasts longer and it does not need to be thrown out due to contamination. It is healthier for your skin. Application is quite different compared to traditional makeup (less product used, but it needs to be ‘worked’ a certain way to obtain the best results) so invest in a make-up lesson and make sure you are buying a True Mineral Make-up.

What is Shellac?

Shellac is a nail treatment that combines the best of both worlds of Gel Nails and regular Nail Polish. The nail surface is prepared the same as with Gel Nails, but the colour does not need to be built up like Gel Nails – it is painted on like Polish. It is then cured under a UV light like Gel Nails. It does not need the multi-layer build up of Gel Nails so it is a much faster process. It is shiny and ‘dry’ immediately after the treatment like Gel, so it does not need the long dry time of Nail Polish. It is more durable than Nail Polish and is removed faster and easier than Gel Nails. In a nutshell it has the best properties of Nail Polish and Gel Nails. It is very popular and in demand. It is used for the nails on hands and feet.

What are Pixel or Fraxel Lasers?

It is essentially the same technology, manufactured by different companies. Think of the difference between Mercedes and BMW. It is a high energy laser beam that is broken into smaller pixels or fraxels. These tiny isolated beams penetrate into the skin (vs IPL or AFT lasers that do not break the skin). The depth of penetration and level of energy delivered for a treatment is determined by what we are trying to accomplish, eg deeper to break down acne scars, shallower in thin skin areas around the eyes. The process is best comparable to aerating a lawn – everywhere the grass is pierced, it grows new lawn, with these lasers everywhere the skin is pierced it grows a little bundle of new (embryonic or soft) collagen. The end result is that scars become shallower (dents filled in with baby/embryonic collagen), lines are filled in as skin is plumper and overall the skin is thicker and stronger with consequently a younger looking skin. At Hummingbird MediSpa the settings of each treatment is determined by the Physician and individualized for the needs of a specific client’s skin. The above are a few select services we suggest for the end of the year – some pampering options to make us shine from face to fingers and toes and then some more medical services for long lasting maintenance of our skin (and reversal of damage if needed). Happy Holidays and our best Wishes to all our clients – you make our days shine.